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For taking the time to visit our web site to learn more about Alpha
Industrial Supplies and the products we sell and service.

Alpha Industrial Supplies is one of the industry leaders in automated
marking, coding, and labeling systems as well as carton closing and stencil
equipment and supplies. With over thirty years of experience, our specialty
is bringing together your packaging, coding, and carton sealing needs into
one operation. This allows you to lower your packaging costs, while
increasing your productivity and profits.

There is nothing more frustrating than calling all over the country for the
answers you need and not getting that information. The talent and
technologies that have earned Alpha Industrial Supplies a “can do”
reputation are available any time you need help.

One call puts us to work for you. Between Alpha Industrial Supplies and our
top rated suppliers, we can help solve your toughest packaging and coding
requirements with help from the many quality manufactures we represent. We
are in constant communication with our national suppliers such as Marsh,
Loveshaw, Better Packages, Diagraph and many more, to locate the right
product at the right price for you.

We also have factory trained technicians available to service and support
the equipment we sell.

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to working with you.